Team: Limcar srl: progettazione, produzione e di soluzioni ingegneristiche per quadricicli elettrici.

New-born but with 20 years of experience gained.

Limcar S.r.l. is a spin-off startup from a large company operating in field of design, production of engineering solutions for electric quadricycles made in Italy. Strongly backed by a know-how of more than 20 years, derived by Green Vehicles S.r.l., the company proposes as project the creation of ElettraCity, an electric quadricycle, unique and ideal in urban circumstances.

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ElettraCity is the first solar-powered vehicle at the same price of a big scooter. It’s a two-passengers vehicle drivable from the age of 14, totally built in Italy and thanks to the integrated mobile App, to manage the vehicle, it’s perfect for Car Sharing fleets and other services.This vehicle’s strength, in addition to the photovoltaic panel on the roof, is definitely the uniqueness, thanks to the market niche not yet explored by major competitors.


Made in Italy

Competitive price: from € 4,800 + IVA

Photovoltaic panel for solar charging:, maximum increase of 30% of the basic autonomy

App mobile for vehicle control

The ElettraCity patented design takes on a sporty look but also maintaining the comfort.

Two comfortable seats, a large boot and the photovoltaic panel on the roof, make ElettraCity the Minicar of the future. In fact, Limcar holds the patent of electric vehicle with an innovated design, equipped with battery management system (BMS) as well as other devices which integrate a high technological content.

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Limcar has launched an Equity Crowdfounding campaign to raise funds with the aim of industrializing and marketing the vehicle.

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As the external carter, also the interior of ElettraCity take on a sporty and dynamic look.
On the dashboard there is a display to check the battery status, according to temperature, remaining duration of the route and control of traveling speed.

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Use all the energy of the Sun!

The strength of ElettraCity is the ability to recharge 30% and more, of the battery through an integrated photovoltaic panel that recharges the vehicle directly from renewable and free energy.

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Limcar Elettracity auto elettrica

ElettraCity is real

Limcar has already developed its Elettracity prototype on which it is carrying out all the necessary tests.

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